Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dingle all the way!!!

The next 3 nights we spent in Dingle, Ireland! We arrived in the late afternoon and stayed at a Bed & Breakfast for the very first time. This was a wonderful experience. We enjoyed meeting and getting to know the owners, Barbara & Michael, as well as the other guests.
Chris experienced driving on the opposite side of the road and I experienced it as a passenger. I am happy to report the rental car has been returned and we are still in one piece!
Below are a few highlights from this part of the trip :)

Chris and I walked back from "town" to the Bed & Breakfast at 10:40 pm and the sun was just starting to go down, so weird :) Ireland is absolutely breathtaking!!


We are getting ready to go hike around Ireland today!

 just did our laundry in the sink..... now we are heading out for a night on Dingle town to a concert with the local musicians.

Love Ireland!!! It is everything you think it would be and so much more.... what a great night we had tonight, even had a standing room only filled pub sing an anniversary song for me & Chris... so funny :) Have it all on video :)

 We climbed Mt. Brendan today! The 2nd highest mountain in Ireland! A total of 18km- about 6 miles up and then a steep climb of 6 miles back down! It was absolutely amazing at the summit!

I knew I would love this place before we ever arrived... leaving beautiful Ireland this morning and heading off to Scotland!

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