Thursday, June 17, 2010

another day in Prague

Today was another wonderful day here in Prague or Praha. We went to breakfast with Tim and Luke where we met Stephanie. She is really sweet and we were able to spend the whole day with her. Breakfast was great but the waiters/ waitresses are not known for their friendliness. We experienced that this morning. Tips here are also optional and our option today was not to tip. The food was very good! Tim knew where all the good places to eat were.

We then went to the Prague castle. The church on the castle grounds is really the sight to see. Absolutely breathtaking and magnificent! It was hard to walk and try to take in all the details and beauty. I don't think the pictures can really capture the sights. Well worth seeing if ever in Prague.

From there we headed to Wallenstein gardens. This is actually the Senate gardens where the Czech Senate meets. I have come to find out that marijuana is legal here, and was just amazed to see people  actually  in the Senate gardens smoking pot. Just hard to comprehend for those of us  in America. :)

Again, learned something new today... there are all white peacocks and they LOVE attention. What a show he put on.

After a nap at Tim's we all headed back out to Pivovarsky... for dinner. ... Pivo means beer and the Czechs love their beer. See the pictures to see the "giraffe" being shared by a group of guys, pretty funny! To order water, which you have to pay for and it costs more than beer, you have to say "water, no gas". Meaning no carbonation.You also have to pay to use public restrooms.

I am getting more accustomed to mass public transportation. It seems everything is get on this, take it 2 stops and get off. You move in herds and you move fast! My calves are actually sore from all the hills and stairs. It's a work out everyday!

Although today was free museam day, everyone was too tired for more so we are all back at Tim's and everyone is asleep ( 11;30 pm) except for me.I am waiting for the laundry so I can go hang it on the porch to dry. Oh.. we are really spoiled at home :)
To see all the Prague pictures click here;!/photo.php?pid=33169880&id=44401295

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