Thursday, December 3, 2009

10 More Days!!

Well, we are down to the final 10 days before the White Rock Marathon! At this point, my training is pretty much over. I have a couple of injuries that I am "nursing" until race day. The worst of these is plantar facetious ( heel injury/pain). Pretty much all I can do right now is ice, rest, massage, heat and wear this stylish night splint to bed :) It does seem to be helping with the pain, so that's good!

We have been training for a very long time for this event. We began training in the spring with nice weather. Went through the blistering Texas summer running either very early in the morning or late at night but still in the 90's or higher. Then finally Fall with cooler weather!! Although it is not officially winter, this is what we woke up to yesterday~

We have trained in heat, wind, rain, & cold but... SNOW in Texas is definitly the one thing we have not trained in! Praying for great weather on Marathon Day!!


Daria said...

Hope that snow disappears and you heal in time for the marathon ...

kimberly said...

Paint some flowers on it! I did on my knee and back brace!
It'll cheer ya' up.
Must have been a man who invented these things...soooo plain.
Get Better and Go Get 'Em!!

Racn4acure said...

Elayne - the countdown is on! Get over that injury, don't be a hero and do something to make it worse. What an adventure for you (a good one after some bad ones). Art

Pam - said...

make sure to stretch your calf muscle good. that will help your plantar fasciitis heal too.

Elayne said...

Thanks for all the encouragement everyone! I am feeling pretty good and was able to run 4 miles yesterday. Don't worry Art~ I was being very careful:)
Pam~ you are right, I stretch my calf muscles all the time and it helps a lot.


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