Thursday, December 17, 2009

We Ran The Rock!

It's Marathon Morning!! Matt was our photographer/driver all day. He did a great job. If you know Matt you are just as shocked at this picture of him smiling at 5 am.
Time to fuel and pack up all the necessities. We eat a peanut butter, banana, honey sandwich pre-race, about an hour and a half-2 hours prior. We have been hydrating well all along and adding Rehydrate and some Spark before the race.

Ok, I had to add these. They are the "WHAT THE HECK WERE WE THINKING" pictures!

Nikki's probably thinking "I didn't sign up for this race, why on earth am I at the American Airlines Center at 5 am"?? We sure are glad you were there!

Kevin's friend and co-worker Agnes met us at AAC and ran the 1/2 with Kevin. Here we are getting our chip timers put on our shoes.
Oh... these feet better be ready! No, that is not my hairy leg, it is Kevin's :)

It was in the 40's and very foggy, but great for running!

Well, here is where we made our "first time marathoners" mistake. We were lined up in corral E, the last corral. In other words behind about 20,000 people. It took 16 minutes before we actually crossed the start line after the gun went off. This does not effect our overall time ( chip time) but does effect the allotted amount of time given to finish the race. That was kind of nerve racking until we got out of the crowd and back on our pace.

There were horses at the start and confetti and smoke blowing all over when the gun went off. We were so far back we couldn't see or hear a thing. We just moved with the herd :)

Catching Kevin before he crossed the start line.
Matt and Nikki caught up with us at mile 9. We almost ran right by them because around mile 7 , the 1/2 marathoners split from the marathoners and the roads really opened up. At this point we were trying to make up some significant time.

These guys were hilarious! "The Ninja Turtles". They were at the start line with us and did a great job getting everyone pumped up to start! There were also some guys dressed up as Dolly Parton. I only wish I had a picture to show you. They gave us a great laugh while we ran up the "Dolly Partons" ( 2 hills at White rock known as "The Dolly Partons")

Kevin running it in to finish 13.1 miles~ Yeah Kevin! He does this with no training, ahhh.. to be in your 20's :)

Agnes completing yet another race. I think she said 16 marathons and I don't know how many 1/2's. Go Aggie!!

Kevin getting a celebratory hug from Nikki :)

Matthew really captured some inspiring people as they crossed the finish line. These are some great shots!

We were able to run a little with this family during the race as they pushed Jackie in her wheelchair the entire 26.2 miles!

Go Team!! Team In Training~

The money raised went to Scottish Rite Hospital that helps so many children, including my two sweet nieces Erika and Sarah, and makes things like this possible.

The happiest moment was when we saw the finish line and our kids yelling, jumping and cheering us on!

A quick high five to our kids that had been waiting at the finish line for an hour and a half.

Crossing the finish line together, 26.2 miles!

CHEERS & BEERS for the runners!

Our First Marathon~ Dallas White Rock 2009!


CLM said...

You guys rock! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

That is sooooo COOL! I smiled the whole time looking through these pics. I got a tear in my eyes looking at the two of you holding hands crossing the finish line together. Great job and lots of love to you both!


Mike and Christie said...

THAT IS AWESOME! What a great time! I would have loved to have been there to cheer you on too.
Thanks for running!
You looked great!
Matt took some really great pictures.

kimberly said...


Racn4acure said...

Proud of you guys! Isn't it just an amazing feeling to cross that marathon finish line as a cancer survivor?

I enjoyed the photos. Art

Anonymous said...

OH how cool - congratulations on a great race!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chris and Elayne on your first marathon! What an accomplishment – so proud of you both. Can’t wait to hear or read details about the race. We received our text messages all at the same time – at the end, so I thought I registered incorrectly. It was exciting to read about your progress toward the finish line.

Talk with you soon…


Anonymous said...

Hi Elayne,

Congratulations to you and Chris, job will done.
The question now is not when are you doing the next marathon but where?

I know what you are going thru as far as the stairs. My son was giving me a piggy back in New York going up & down the sub-way station stairs. I will go thru it again, it is so worth it.

I am looking for the next 1/2 to do.
I am not that sore yet.

Have a great week.


Michelle and Jeff said...

What an incredible achievement! Congratulations! The picture of you both holding hands and running across the finish line gave us chills, it is so amazing!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the three of you. Wow what a wonderful feeling you must have had and still have. Credit to Matt and his great pics and to Nikki for getting up so early! Chris, your Dad would be so happy for all of you. Enlarge that picture of you both crossing that finish line and cherish it forever! Our love to all of you. The Heathcocks


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