Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Biopsy & Tumor markers

Looks like I will be having my biopsy on January 7th. The area of concern is located in a difficult place to reach ( in the muscle, in the chest wall). My doctor is going to first try to do the biopsy in office and hopefully get some cells from that. The risk with this procedure is nicking and/or collapsing a lung. If they are not able to get the cells with this procedure I will have to have surgery to get the biopsy done.

Last week I also had more labs done and all my blood work looks good including my tumor markers. So, that is good news! Basically there are 3 tests looking at the markers. One, that was elevated is back to normal. Second test is still a little elevated. The third and new test ( circulating tumor cell) that is much more sensitive came back at 0, normal is <5. So, that is very good!

Our prayer request between now and then is that Dr. A is able to get the biopsy done in office with no complications and that this area of concern is not cancer. Also that the tumor markers on all tests remain in normal ranges.

Thanks all~ praying for a healthy 2010!

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Racn4acure said...

Hi Elayne - I hope you had a happy Christmas. The blood tests sound good. Hopefully this will be the latest bullet that you dodge.


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