Saturday, November 21, 2009

22 miles and a lady named Sherry

Ok, we are just 3 weeks from our first marathon and spent the morning running our longest run we will do until marathon day! Today was a 22 mile day! We had fantastic weather, nice and cool, cloudy and no rain. I won't tell you it was easy but I actually had a better run today than I did running 20 miles the day after a PET scan. We are both thrilled with our run today and overall felt good but most of all, we feel READY!

Going through all these tests, surgeries, scares and difficult times these past few weeks definitely took it's toll and for the first time I was beginning to waver about the marathon and the purpose of completing this event at this time in my life. I have been praying about it and asking for strength, energy, confidence and reassurance.
So... as God always does, He answered. He sent a lady to us today named Sherry. We were at about mile 13 when she came along side us ( to tell me I had some pronation in my left foot) and spent the next 3 miles running with us. We talked all about running and how we all got started. She shared that she began running at 55 and is now 57- you would never have known that. As the conversation went on, I shared my story with her and told her how I have been told twice in the past few weeks that the doctors thought there was more cancer and how it turned out not to be.
Then she said, (not knowing we are Christians and believe in the power of prayer) " or maybe there have been many people praying for you and what was there has been taken away by God".
Today God sent a lady named Sherry to answer my prayer and reassure me!


jesse said...

Amen Sherry.
God puts many people in the paths of unsuspecting people....He works best in "surprise" mode.

Racn4acure said...

Sounds like there was a reason to meet Sherry today. Keep running! 22 miles is very impressive. 20 more than I did today. :)

Elayne said...

Thanks Art and Kimberly!I think Sherry was definitely and literally put in our path today!

Art~ it is now taper time! Yeah!

Racn4acure said...

Taper - how I love that word!! Unfortunately, I have been tapering ever since my half marathon almost exactly 7 months ago!

CLM said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

What's Going On... said...

WOW! That is such a great story!!


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