Friday, November 6, 2009

Todays PET scan & Labs

Today was spent at Arlington Cancer Center having what I hope to be my last tests for at least a little while. Today was a PET scan and more labs. First they took 4 tubes of blood to perform a brand new blood test that has only been being used for the last month. It apparently is very accurate for determining tumor markers and very expensive as well. It requires approval from your insurance before they can run this test.
Next was the PET scan. Beginning with an injection of something radioactive that I do not want to know what it is. I just know they put you in a room the size of a closet, come in with thick purple gloves on holding a square metal (I guess) box with a cylinder shaped thing on top that has a needle sticking out of it. They close the door immediately, put this "stuff" in your arm and then you are instructed to lay still for 45 minutes. I always fall asleep because they have taken away my coffee for over 24 hours now and food for 12. I am pretty much mush by this point with a horrific headache.
Then off to the actual scan which lasts another 25 minutes and my head is now about to explode!

Finally it is over, I get some juice and a granola bar from my friend Donise that has been waiting for me and meeting "new friends" in the waiting room:) Two Advil and 3 cups of coffee later I begin to return to a human being. Donise has been such a great friend driving here from 2 hours away to be my chaperon and moral support these past 2 weeks. We make sure to get all these tests done but also make sure we get some "play" time in! This picture was taken yesterday after shopping at bath and body works :) I sure am grateful to have such a good friend who now knows more about cancer, tests, doctors and treatments than she probably ever wanted to know :)

I should have these tests results by Tuesday and we are praying that they confirm the MRI showing no evidence of metastatic disease. I know so many of you have been lifting our family in prayer and I want to thank you for that and ask that you continue to lift Chris's dad Ed up as well.
Time for bed, we have a 20 mile run in the morning! Good night all~


Racn4acure said...

You know that my thoughts and prayers continue for you, my friend.

The cool thing about the PET scan is that you glow in the dark for a few days. Ya, don't you love it when you get that radiactive stull put in you and then are left alone - no one wants to be around a radioactive person! Amazing, amazing technology though.

Hope the run went well. Art

Elayne said...

Thank you Art! I am so ready for a break from these tests. I am praying that I can spend the next 5 weeks concentrating on getting ready for the marathon.

Ran 20 today, first time. It was hard after all those tests, chemicals and stress these past 2 weeks but, I made it :)

Thanks for your thoughts & prayers!


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