Thursday, January 5, 2012

You can cancel your biopsy!

Yes, I did have a biopsy of the chest wall scheduled for early next week which I have been able to cancel!!
A few spots were showing up that looked familiar. like the previous rash. I had my radiologist take a look. He had me schedule a biopsy 2 weeks out which I did. He wanted to see me again before the biopsy to see if he felt it was necessary. After checking it the other day, he feels I am ok to cancel!
He prescribed  a lotion to apply to the radiated area and will see me again after my PET scan which will be some time here in January.
For now, I very happily called and canceled my appointment!
Liam on Christmas morning


Kim said...

This is so excellant! I have missed commenting on your blog--although I have tried to keep up with reading your entries. I still have a package here with your name on it--one of these days I will get it in the mail. Your grandbaby is beautiful!

Maryann said...



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