Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday's Tests

OK, the PET scan and labs are set for Tuesday. This is a very difficult test for me as it triggers a migraine. Other than waiting for the results this is the worst part.
They instruct you not to have ( for 24 hrs) any sugar..not a problem..exercise...or caffeine...problem! Then no food after midnight. It is usually about 1 pm the next day before I can eat and get some coffee. Last time I was so sick from the migraine I had to lay in the car and wait it out for several hours while trying to hold down nausea and pain meds. Finally I was able to eat, drink and feel a bit better.
We always see my oncologist after that to go over the results. An exhausting day that I for one am NOT looking forward to, but would greatly appreciate prayers for both the migraine and test results.
Thanks in advance, will post results when I have them.

"Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us" ~ Hebrews 12:1


Vicky said...

Hi Elayne- since I have reacted twice now to CT scan dye my onc told me I too would have to have a PET scan this next time... but due to the cost and fact my insurance only covers one scan a year (yep, you read that right- one :) we think I may get by with a full body mri- whew. I will need sedation to be in the tube, but don't have to worry about the dye and headache or anything like that. So my thoughts and prayers will be with you for the agony you have to endure!! Fingers crossed for good news from the scan!

Racn4acure said...

My goodness, that sounds awful. I've only had one PET scan, but no migraine, thank goodness. Hang in there, good luck. Thinking of you. Art

Retired Knitter said...

Late in getting this post - it is now Friday for me. Yikes.

No post from you. I hope you managed to get through this and the news was good.

Paying for you.

kimberly said...

What an ordeal for you. The whole "no caffeine" would put me postal!
I will pray for you and have friends/church pray for you too.
After all you've been can do this!


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