Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking back at 2011

2011~Looking Back

It is the first day of 2012. As I have looked back over the past year I am thankful  for another year that God has given me.
2011 in Review~

1) We were fortunate to take 3 trips~ Chris and I spent a weekend  at Lake Murray to celebrate Valentines day. We stayed in a cabin and did a lot of hiking. Officially together now for 30 years!
Took a fantastic and much needed trip to Kauai, Hawaii and a fall camping trip filled with biking, kayaking and rest.

2) This was another  difficult year for me health wise.I had my 4th diagnosis with cancer.It had re-occurred to the chest wall as a local re-occurrence. Here I learned that breast cancer can come back in the form of a rash, which it did. Another biopsy, chemo and  25 more radiation treatments to the chest wall. This was the most severe burn and worst fatigue I have sustained so far.  My other medications remain the same with many difficult side effects.
Trying to get some relief from headaches I began working with a neurologist and have been diagnosed with migraine disorder. Advil on a continual basis works well but not much luck otherwise.

3)We welcomed the addition of our newest daughter-in-law Stephanie who has relocated to Texas from England and married our oldest son Tim!
Our first grandson Liam was born in October and I am loving my "Nonna days" every Friday with him! Nikki and Kevin had both moms and Nikki's sister in the delivery room for his birth. Seeing his little body and hearing his first breathe and cry had to be one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. And yes..I am head over heals in love with this boy!
And sadly, we said good-bye to my cousin Joyce, our friends son Ryan, my sons friend David and a family friend and fellow runner Agnes.

4)This was not a productive year with my running or any races. We did not climb a mountain or even host the annual Family and Friends Turkey Trot. All disappointing to me.
What we did accomplish! My friend Vicki and I hiked 12 miles. This was the day I learned (the hard way) one of the side effects of Tykerb affects the hands and feet and ended up with severely burned and blistered feet.
My daughter-in-law ran the Komen 5K. I had planned to run it but was just not ready.
Although I did not host the annual turkey trot, Chris and I did run our own 5k Thanksgiving morning and I had an unexpected PR!
Enjoyed many jet-skiing trips,with one on my birthday!
The most exciting activities this year by far were kayaking to hidden waterfalls, snorkeling beautiful oceans and exploring the "garden Island' of Kauai!

5) A few special events/ celebrations; Our youngest son Matthew was the graduate this year from UTD!
My friend Natasha and I attended our second  Komen Brunch/ fashion show for survivors.
Chris and I had a blast get dressed up and seeing two concerts at The Myerson this year, Chicago and Manhiem Steamroller!
A surprise "black sock" birthday for my husbands 50th! All the kids joined us as we rented a house on the lake. Chris' friends and family all pitched in to give him 60 pairs of black socks! Fun times!

6)A year of changes~ Decided to pass the family boat on to our son Kevin. I know he, the other guys and his growing family will have so much fun creating new memories. I know uncle Jim would be happy with this choice :)
With the arrival of our first grandson, my husband refinished the family cradle that has been used by 9 Minich babies with Kevin being the first and his son Liam being the latest.
With the help of 13 other ladies, we made a beautiful cross-stich quilt that was finished the day before he was born and delivered at the hospital.
7) Around the house~
My garden did well in the Spring and quickly declined from there. I am considering a giant sand box for Liam now :)
We continue to remodel and completed the huge task of installing wood floors which we love! Traded in the big green family sectional couch for a new, smaller set better suited for "empty nester's". Due to several severe Texas storms we had a new roof put on the house as did most everyone in our city.
Lots of new paint and re-decorating.Decorated our room to bring the calm colors and feelings of the beach, my favorite place.
8) I am so thankful  to continue training and teaching my 5k run groups, ladies boot camps, swim lessons,and personal training.I hope to continue growing these classes and having the opportunity to meet new people and share these passions with them.God blesses me with each of them and the strength to continue.
I enjoyed my first A-Z writers challenge so much I decided to start attending a monthly writers group and have submitted a few stories to magazines and writing contests which has been fun!
An at home video Bible study, Your Body, His Temple with a couple of friends was perfect during this time.
9) We had a wonderful Halloween taking Liam for his first trick or treat.Thanksgiving and Christmas with our  family and friends filled our home again this year. This Christmas we had a big family sleepover with both of Liam's families; grandparents, aunts, uncles and of course his mommy and daddy. A sleepover with 12 adults and one baby was quite fun!

10) And lastly, my personal victories for 2011. Celebrated my 13 year cancerversary, 47th Birthday and 27th wedding anniversary! To date I am evidence of disease :)

I enter 2012 with Hope....                          .HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Retired Knitter said...

Wow, Elayne, you left me breathless with all you did this year! You really know the meaning of living life full and happy. You are an inspiration - even when you are down and struggling!

I believe looking back can be a big reminder of a productive life. In my professional life I always kept track of the accomplishments lest they be over looked at performance appraisal time ... but as a retired person I stopped doing that. I need to start that again. I know my life was very busy this year - but I never think of it positively! 2012 - must be a new beginning for me!

Thanks again for the reminder.

Emily Minich said...

What a wonderful post, Elayne!

Anonymous said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you for sharing.

Racn4acure said...

Love having NED in your life! I know it was a mixed year but keep on keeping on, and have a great 2012! Happy New year! Art

Maryann said...

You have had quite a year Elayne, glad you are doing well. Love grandma days, when my first grand daughter was younger she would come to my house every Friday, it was our day to hang out, run errands whatever...I have many precious memories of those days as I know you will with your grandson.
You are an inspiration to me, yeah for NED!

Kevin and Nikki said...

A sandbox is a GREAT idea! ;) Love you!!!

port douglas accommodation said...

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Anonymous said...

Just had a chance to read your two January Blogs. Elayne, you do so well with your writing, I am so proud of you. Sure hope that some journal or magazine would be interested in publishing. It was also good to catch up on the 2011 news as I guess I missed out on some of the Minich happenings. Please let us all know about the PET scan.


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