Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spending Friday's with my Liam

My Nonna comes and picks me up every Friday from my Ya-Ya's house where I get to play all week! We sure have fun together.She makes silly faces and voices that make me laugh. I have just learned how to do that :)

  We always take a walk or run in the jogging stroller. here I am getting ready to go!!!

This Friday we took our first trip to Wal Mart together. She banged her head 4 times, every time she put me in the car and got me out. I think she hurt her back and neck because I am getting so big now, and getting in and out of the car seat is quite tricky!
Next, she put me in the cart in my car seat and banged into a shelf, just a little bang but I am thinking she may not be a good cart driver! The cart somehow got stuck on part of the shelf and it was funny watching her try to get unstuck :)
She sure takes a long time to shop. How hard can it be to pick out my bottle? There are only 100 different kinds. Silly Nonna!
I was a good boy and slept through most of the shopping trip. I think she needed, I mean wanted to stop at Starbucks, but there was no way she was taking me out of the car for an extra stop. I think she just made coffee when we got home. But...I needed my new bottle so I am not sure she got to drink it.
She loves to feed me my bottle outside on the chair swing. It is blue, like my eyes. I always spit up on her clothes out there, I really can't help it. When we tried to go back in the house because it was getting cold her jacket zipper got caught on the swing. She was stuck AGAIN!
It was my Daddy's birthday so Nonna and I made him brownies! I was a big help :)

I think our favorite thing to do is bath time. She teaches kids to swim so I guess she is getting me ready. Always telling me to kick and how I am already a waterbaby! I wonder what we will do this summer when we get to the big bath tub..they all call it a pool. I just like getting her clothes all wet when I splash.

Then she rocks me in a special chair, it is the same one she rocked my daddy and uncles in.

                         We have so much fun..but boy, she wears me out!
                              I think my Nonna really loves me :) .....Liam


Emily Minich said...

That is a sweet, sweet post! Good job, Liam!

Anonymous said...

Kimberly Phillips Barillas OMGosh! That is just precious! Nice writing Liam!

Angie Weeks How funny! Love it:)

Cindy L Minich That is so cute. I knew you would love being Nonna!

Jonna said...


Anonymous said...

Tammy Uretsky so cute! love it.

Retired Knitter said...

Those BIG blue eyes! One day those blue eyes will capture some lucky woman's heart.

You are soooo lucky to have this time together with him.


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