Friday, March 26, 2010

One more week....

Today was treatment #20, 5 more to go next week! I am ready for this to be over. The worst problem I have from this is the awful fatigue. I last till about 3:00 each day and then that's it.Thankful however that I am able to continue training with my clients, get my treatments done and some errands before the fatigue hits.

I did see my oncologist Thursday and there are once again changes with my medications.
The Tykerb has been raised back up to 5 from 4. Please pray that this fatigue is from the toll of the radiation and not the tykerb affecting my heart. I should start to feel better a few weeks after treatments are done.

The Arimidex has been stopped for 2 weeks due to headaches and some cognitive effects. We are also suspecting ( pretty sure) this med has also been the reason for my BP going up. it was 145/96 yesterday. Today( no arimidex) it has been 127/78. way better! prayers that this continues and a different med. will work without the side effects.

My Dr. and I are still discussing the chemo, if and when to begin with that. Getting the two previous mentioned meds under control first is where we are now.
There are so many decisions to make, and really none are right or wrong. A lot of this is trial and error, statistics, trusting my doctors advice and my own intuition with regards to knowing and understanding my own body . But mostly.. it is prayer, faith & trust in the Great Physician.

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Daria said...

Thinking of you Elayne ... tough tough decisions.


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