Monday, March 22, 2010

9 more days!

Today began the second part of my radiation treatments. I am receiving the same amount of radiation, it will just be targeting the area of the tumor now.There are 9 more to go, with that being a total of 25 all together.
My skin is now getting a bit raw, red and itchy. The aloe and cortisone cream do help a lot. The biggest issue i am having is fatigue. I realized how much it is affecting me when we went on a 4 day camping trip this weekend. I was exhausted when we left and had so much more energy by the time I got home. Each day was better and better.A 4 day break from radiation was wonderful!
So.. I am looking forward to getting the next 9 days over with and then regaining that energy in time.


small gun said...

May the force be with you.

Kevin and Nikki said...

We love you, Mom!

Divini Creech said...

YOU are 1 tough cookie Elayne! I KNOW you'll get through it!

Anonymous said...

Don't think that I have forgotten about you, there is no way. You are always in my prayers Elayne. Life is pretty hectic on this side of Denton. I really do miss our talks and hope that we can talk soon. We have to stop saying that and just do it! Love you girlfriend!


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