Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beam number 4...

Tomorrow will complete 2 weeks or 10 days of radiation. It is a 40 minute drive and the treatment takes about 5 minutes. There are 7 "beams" shot in the very short session, but it is beam number four that seems to last forever. The first day, I got a little scared and thought " ahhhh....where did you guys go?? I am sure it just feels much longer than it is but quite unnerving at times.
So far it is going well and my radiologist said he can no longer feel any of the tumor.My skin is still doing well, no itching and just some discoloration.

Today was my final visit to my surgeon. He said " this looks great, I did a good job"! And he did. He also said the site looks and feels good. He gave me clearance to use the muscle again. So tonight I did my first weight training session in a very long time.
I started with light weights and am a little sore, just in the muscle that had surgery. Otherwise, fine and it felt good!

Tomorrow also marks the day I go up to 5 pills with the Tykerb, which is the where I will stay as long as I can handle the side effects. so far, so good.My energy is also much better this week.
We appreciate your continued prayers as I adjust to these new treatments and that once again this cancer will be "put to sleep", prayerfully forever.

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CLM said...

I pray that cancer will sleep forever! Love you and praying for you.


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