Sunday, March 28, 2010

Komen survivor celebration brunch

Saturday, I attended the annual Komen survivor celebration brunch, fashion show and grants presentation with my friend and sister survivor, Natasha! We had a great time and I won 8 tickets to the Rangers game! She won jewelry and a makeover!
It was very informative to see where and how the money raised from events like this and Race For The Cure are being used.
The "models" in the fashion show are all breast cancer survivors, including a very funny husband & wife duo.
The speaker recognized all the survivors and had us stand by # of years survived, I am now in the 10 or more group. By the time everyone was recognized there were only a few people still sitting. Sad and amazing all at the same time. So many have breast cancer and so many are surviving!

On a personal note; they spoke about many of the survivors, stages, treatments, etc. What you did not hear once was stage 4. I came home with mixed feelings. First, thankful for how long I have been able to live with cancer and continue to do so. Then, a bit of a "reality check" ~ Stage 4

It was a delightful morning with a friend of nearly 20 years, who, when we were both young mothers, raising our kids together, would have never imagined we would together be here one day.Luv ya N!


Raden Galoh said...

you looks so lovely sis! I loike!

Racn4acure said...

Great event. Keep those survivor years growing. Sad that your friend and you are both going through it. Seize the day! Art


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