Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Fruit Loops"

Anytime there are changes made with medications, treatments, doctors, etc. it will through you for a loop.
My "loops" this week have been weaning off the heart medications and my body thinking it is an estrogen machine deciding to take itself out of a medically induced menopause. So, guess what... I get to do it all again, Lupron injections and all the fun that comes with being kicked into menopause. Oh..... please pray for me :) and Chris :)

I have not felt quite right since stopping the heart meds. But each day is getting better. My blood pressure is going up and the dizziness has stopped, which is good as long as it doesn't go up too high. I see the cardiologist on the 26th and hopefully all will remain well and I can stay off the 2 heart meds.

Had a Zometa treatment yesterday and so far so good, just tired. Have not needed anything for discomfort at this point.
Have not run since Saturday and we can't wait and get back out there.

All this just comes with the territory, tweaks and adjustments. Some days you just feel like a big "Fruit Loop" :)

Thanks for your continued love and support~ Elayne

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CLM said...

You are in my prayers. Love the pic. Sorry you are going through all this.


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