Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BP continues to be too low

Had another tough day today with my blood pressure dropping to 86/51 and is remaining below normal. I have been having ALOT of trouble with dizziness and fatigue from this and my BP drops when I stand up. I called the cardiologist again and he wanted me to come in. This time he cut the beta blocker ( chemical pacemaker) in half but said he did not want me to come off it altogether. He also said he has no idea why this is happening. Said my sodium levels could be too low or I am dehydrated. I kind of doubt both of those as I drink water all the time and take electrolytes during my runs.

Sooo... tomorrow, I go to my oncologist to have labs done and discuss this with him. I am not sure if, since my heart is functioning at normal levels that I need to be on the beta blocker anymore. I may have to seek another opinion. As of today I am completely off the BP medications and the beta blocker is down to the lowest dose.

Chris and I are praying that I can get off both of them, for discernment for us and my doctors. I don't want to be foolish with my heart, want to be careful, but not remain on meds that I don't need to be on. Would appreciate your prayers on this as we figure out what is wrong and what to do.
Thanks~ Elayne

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CLM said...

I am saying a prayer now for you and the doctors. Take care and thanks for keeping us in touch.


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