Tuesday, April 8, 2008

upcoming tests and doctors

Hi everyone~ I do have my tests scheduled with the cardiologist but not until the end of April ( (the 29th). I am not really comfortable with that. This doctor is pretty far away from where I live, so I will be talking to my oncologist this week to see about finding someone closer that can get the tests done sooner. It will be a stress test and a CT scan.
I am having some problems with my left arm and hand ( most of the time) and tingling in my legs when I bend my neck down, but only after I run. I am not sure if this is cardiovascular or possibly a nerve?? Either way, I don't want to wait till the end of the month. My blood pressure seems to be coming down with the BP medication but drops REALLY low when I am lying down.
I have an oncology apt. this Thursday, they will do blood work to check tumor markers and everything else.
Prayer request ~ please be in prayer about all of this and for discernment. Also for the blood work results. Thanks everyone~ you are all a great support!
Take time to watch this incredible man on a short u-tube video, you will be inspired no matter what you are going through. I will put the link on this web page if it does not work directly from this post~

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Anonymous said...

I have and will be praying for you Elayne. I agree waiting until the end of the month is just crazy. Keep the updates coming.

Barb M.


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