Friday, April 25, 2008

A Few Changes

Hi Everyone ~ Happy Friday!
I was scheduled to have my tests done next week on Wednesday, however, after careful consideration and talking with Chris and Dr. Kevin ( my councilor) I have decided to put them on hold for about 3 or 4 weeks. As a side note, for anyone ( or their family) going through a cancer diagnosis or living with cancer like I am I highly recommend getting some form of counseling. Having someone "neutral" with training has been imperative. If you can find someone within your faith and that comes recommended by people you trust, that is ideal. I have been blessed to have all of these.
I am overall feeling good. Chris and I ran 4 miles last night ( we are doing 12 min. miles) we are not fast, but we get it done :) My goal is 10 min. miles. I'll be happy with that for long distance.
For now, I want to get the cardiologist apt. and tests done first ( Monday) and then start the next round of tests. I spoke with my oncologist nurse and they said that is fine. We all felt it was best for me to spread some of this out.
In the mean time I have started on another medication to help with anxiety. The last one did not work well and caused many serious side effects.Please be in prayer that this one does the trick.
Many of you are asking what am I doing for treatment now that the Herceptin is no longer an option? Right now, the medical menopause and the Tamoxifen (hormone blocker) are the treatment. Please also be in prayer over these next weeks that all the tests come back with good results and that no further treatment is needed. Of course we are always praying for total healing and we know that God can do that...
Thanks all~ have a good weekend and please keep the Minich family in prayer as tomorrow April 26th is the one year anniversary from when Jim went home to God. Please pray for safe travel for those of us heading to Tulsa.

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