Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Friends :)

A small change of plans from what I wrote yesterday. I have decided not to begin the Zometa (for the bones) this week. Instead, I'm going camping :) Since I have so many tests coming up we thought it would be best to get all those results before starting anything new.
These last 2 days have been kind of rough with stresses building up all at the same time and my blood pressure may have dropped too low today causing some pretty bad things to happen. So... I thought about how important my family and friends are and have been and how for me, when the stress of all this starts to build, I find going away on short trips, especially outdoors in nature, to be the best medicine there is. It works wonders for me.
So, here is my wonderful friend Donise and I on one of those trips to Lake Murray, Oklahoma. We had a great time and as you can see lot's of "girl time". And, yes she was crazy enough to send me these pictures knowing the risk that they may end up on a blog :)
Please pray that Chris and I will have a restful and peaceful weekend and for discernment about upcoming tests. Sometimes we all need to just step back, breathe, think and PRAY ~ and if you can do it somewhere beautiful outdoors, even better!
Thanks~ Elayne


clm said...

Good for you on the camping thing. It is suppose to be a beautiful weekend. Wish I were going. Your in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

You girls look like you are having fun! Beauty treatments are biblical you know, Esther had them. Stay away from the harems though =8^)

Esther 2:3 "Let the king appoint commissioners in every province of his realm to bring all these beautiful girls into the harem at the citadel of Susa. Let them be placed under the care of Hegai, the king's eunuch, who is in charge of the women; and let beauty treatments be given to them."

I hope that you and Chris have a wonderful time camping and tell him happy b-day for me.

Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just opened your blog to find ME in all my glory. I was thinking enough time had past and you had forgotten:) That was so much fun!! We must do it again soon!

Billy and I are praying.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Perfect! Camping!! There is nothing better in my book. We pray for you often and miss you very much. I wish we were closer to hang out, I feel like after all these years we really connected. And to think we were only there 24 hours. Funny how things happen. We love you. Tell Chris Happy Bday?!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet Friend,
Have been keeping up on all of the updates. Finally have got back into a little bit of a routine since coming back from Jennifers wedding this weekend in Houston.

I've been thinking of you so much Elayne. You are in my prayers each and every day. I'll have to admit, a little jealous of the girl time your getting. Maybe one day after Jennifer's graduation 5/16,17th (or sooner), we could get some time to catch up on stuff.

I read the changes that have taken place with your health. Elayne, you know that our glorious God is working in you and in all of those that surround you. I pray for you that you will have great peace of mind and heart as you go through these trials. He really does have a plan for you in all of this, I just know it. I will be in touch with you soon so until then, keep looking to Him and HANGEST THOU IN THERE my good friend!
Love, Diane

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!! :)


christie said...

Are those cucumbers or Kiwi??
Looks like you had fun. :)


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