Friday, December 16, 2011

Looking Back

It's Friday, and there are eight more days until we begin the celebration of Christmas together. This year will be a bit  different from the past. It will be my first Christmas as a "Nonna" (grandma). It will also be the first year we are having a family sleepover on Christmas Eve! Not just my kids and their families, Liam's other G-parents and their whole family!Yup, 13 of us having a slumber party! Twelve adults and one baby boy.
My last post was about "slowing down" and making some changes. So, am I up to all this? Honestly, I am not sure.But, boy am I looking forward to it!

 At this time of year I tend to feel overwhelmed. The anxiety and fears sometimes get the best of me. Even with all  that I am looking forward to.  While writing this I decided to look back at what I wrote a year ago. Some of the feelings are the same, some have become easier to deal with. Realizing, this may just be ongoing and need a little "tweaking" from year to year.

And then.....I read the next post and was reminded to have faith and to trust God in all of this. Weather it is about having the energy and stamina for the holiday celebrations or worrying about what next year will look like. None of it is in my hands.
  By looking back at last year and seeing these same struggles I felt before, followed by  the truth that He makes it so much better than I could ever imagine it to be, find myself once again, looking forward to Christmas 2011 and celebrating Him who makes all things possible!
                                                     "MERRY CHRISTMAS"! ~ elayne

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Kevin and Nikki said...

We had an amazing time!! LOVE you!!!


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