Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When do you want to do this again??

Interesting question for my Onc. to ask at the end of our visit with him but it was a great question to answer! I said 6 more months? He said yes, I said will I ever be able to say 1 year till I have to come back? He said NO :)
Yes... all my tests were clear and I go back in another 6 months!

My lab results showed everything was good. They do 2 tumor marker tests, one was in normal range and the other was slightly elevated. Normal range is < 38, my # was 41. Dr. A said with all the tests coming back clear he is not concerned. I do feel a bit worried about this because this test 6 mo. ago was 27.

My muga scan was also in normal range at 50, which is considered "low end of Normal". Again, he is happy with that result and said I should continue with the Tykerb and training for an event if I want to. My original muga was 58 and I was hoping it would be higher, but as Dr. A said "normal is normal".

Same goes for the PET scan which is the "scariest" of all the tests as far as waiting for results. Nothing showed up, so that is good news :) It was a very long day with a very bad headache, but it is over and I am feeling better.
My BP was very high at the apt. 167/97. After a few days of tests and a visit to Starbucks before the apt. I guess it might be high. He does want me to track it several times a day for a couple of weeks and told us what to watch for with the upper( systolic) and lower ( diastolic) #'s. So I am monitoring that. It has continued to be elevated, with the exception of after my running.

We went in with a list of 12 questions, most regarding side effects, medications and dealing with the emotional side of things. Many of the side effects led him to wanting me to be checked by a neurologist as there may be some nerve problems from where the cancer was in my neck. He took time, as he always does to discuss the difficult emotional parts of all this  for both Chris and I and our family. He helped me understand what other stage 4 cancer patients go through and assures me I am doing well.
So...for now, we stay the course! All meds stay the same with the exception of trying to take me off Lupron. So we will plan to stop this drug which keeps me in a medical menopause and hope it works! Otherwise, back on it.
This was a long post, but it was a lot to cover. Praying for the next 6 months to go well :) Thanks all~


Ronni Gordon said...

Congratulations on the good report. I like that your doctor said "normal is normal." I'll think of that next time when a number concerns me but not him.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you always my good friend. I have to check your blog at least five times a week. I'm so happy to know that you lean quite a bit on the Lord. His works are beyond description aren't they? Do you think we can ever get together? Soon I hope. Have so much to talk about. Love you and will never stop praying for you.

Anonymous said...

You are Blessed. :0)

Anonymous said...

Emy Spaeth Storms like, Like, LIKE!!!!!

Cynthia Elliott ‎:)

Beth Gelerman i am smiling.

Kimberly Luvs Keith YAY! \o/...:0)

Kimberly Luvs Keith ‎...and a coffee!!?

Anne Eruzione Thank God Elayne, great news!!

Karen Galban Fantastic!

Nicole Harris likes this.

Angie Anderson Weeks Whoop....whoop!! :)

Racn4acure said...

Fantastic! I've been out of town helping my sister and am trying to catch up. It is great to see wonderful news on the cancer front. Art


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