Thursday, October 15, 2009

Surgery is over~

Had my surgery this morning and all went well. The team of doctors, nurses and the anesthesiologist were wonderful and took good care of me. They listened to my concerns about nausea after anesthesia and gave me several meds. to combat that. I have had no trouble at all and was even hungry when I got home.

After the nurse prepared me and the doctors came in and talked to me and Chris they took me off to begin. They gave me a drug through the IV and said "this may make you a little dizzy". I remember spinning, not being able to move the way they asked me to and then woke up sitting in a wheelchair in a different room feeling VERY drugged and tired. Kind of weird :)

They kept giving me instructions like "take a deep breathe", "get ready to get dressed" and kept taking my blood pressure. Pretty quickly I came back to semi-reality and talked with my doctor. She said she did not see anything that concerns her and she removed tissue to have biopsied. The results should be ready in about 4 days. She does still feel I will need a hysterectomy. When, will depend on the biopsy results.

Chris brought me home and has taken good care of me while working from home today. My friend Jonna brought dinner over which was great. I have not had much pain but I have also kept myself pretty well medicated to offset the pain. Have just felt really tired and a little sore. So, overall everything has gone well today. Will write when I have the biopsy results. Thank you for all the prayers!

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Racn4acure said...

Glad you got that part behind you. It sounds positive all the way around. Get plenty of rest.


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