Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recovering well so far!

Today has been a good day and I feel I am on my way back! Thursday-Saturday I kind of laid around, watched movies and felt- not so great. Today, after church we decided to go to the park and see what I could handle. At first I walked and Chris took off to run while I listened to my i-pod walking along the trails. It did not take long before the "itch" to run took over and off I went. I figured I would just run a little and walk when I needed to. At first I did not feel so great and thought, maybe this isn't going to work. I told Chris if I didn't feel good I would sit down on one of the park benches and wait for him.
Well, I started running and as time went on I felt better and better. Still sore and a few dizzy spells ( they happen sometimes) but felt better the more I ran. I kept waiting for Chris to lap me ( the trail is 1.5 miles around) but he never did. Then I began to wonder where the heck he was, couldn't see him anywhere, even looked over where our car was parked and at a bunch of people having a BBQ. Thought maybe he ran into someone we know and was talking.
After 3 times around, I turned the other direction and starting heading back to see if I could find him. About a half a mile later I saw him running towards me! He thought I was walking and could not figure out how he hadn't lapped me yet. We were both looking for each other and where just a short distance apart. It was funny :)
Once we found each other we finished the run for a total of 10 miles! Ahh, another benefit of running, bouncing back is not as hard.
The weather was absolutely beautiful today, high 60's, maybe 70 with a cool breeze. To end a great run one of my ladies from my Run Wild class was out there running all on her own- I am so proud of her! We arrived home to some friends bringing a delicious dinner over for us which was very much appreciated after a long day.

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Racn4acure said...

That is great Elayne. Funny too that you were both searching for each other. You are making a quick recovery. Enjoy the day. Art


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