Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stress Test Results

Hi all~ saw the cardiologist yesterday and my stress test results were fine. No blockages or problems other than what we already know, that there is a slight decrease in the function of the heart.
He did raise the dosage of the beta-blocker and will do so two more times over the next few months. I will also have another Muga scan and echo cardiogram in a few months.
I did walk away feeling frustrated however. I felt that he was getting aggravated with my questions about raising the dosages and wanting to train for a half or full marathon. I guess he and I have different ideas of what is best for me.
I am doing what he wants me to do but will need to pray about discernment in this situation.

On another note~ if you remember I got really sick after the Zomta treatment a few weeks ago. Well, interesting Chris one week later had all the exact "flu like" symptoms. So... now I am not sure if it was the Zometa that made me sick or just a coincidence that I had a "bug" right after receiving the medication. Waiting to hear back from my oncologist about whether or not to have another Zometa treatment next week.
Please be in prayer about these continuing medical decisions ~ thanks!

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clm said...

Congrats on the stress test. I know that is a relief. You are in my prayers. Love all the pics.


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