Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Day Of Celebration!

Lauren & Billy
On Thursday my family and our good friends, The Reeds spent the evening at the lake.We were there to celebrate my birthday, baptism, friends & family.
We had a great BBQ for dinner and yogurt pies for desert~ blueberry (my favorite) and strawberry. I may be one of the few people that enjoys having birthdays and getting older, I turned 44 and enjoy every birthday!
I was baptised in 1994, but wanted to re-commit my life to Christ as well as be baptised by submersion, which I had not been. Our great friend Billy baptised me at the lake with both our families there, it was a very special time. Thank you Billy !


Anonymous said...

Dear Elayne,
I really enjoyed the posts and pictures about your birthday celebration. Happy Birtday my sister! I know that since your cancer has come into the picture again, each birtday is even more special.

I also think your decision to be baptized by emersion was fabulous. And how special to have Billy be the one to do it!! That was great. What a happy day. I love you and pray for you often. I also keep the staff updated by reading them your updates many mornings.
Love, Cheryl K.

What's Going On... said...

Awww! I think that is great! What an even more memorable birthday you will have now! Looked like a VERY fun day!

Elayne said...

Great pictures from the lake! J I’m so glad we were all able to share in your special day. I hope we all can get together again soon. Take care and have a wonderful week. Thanks again for everything!



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