Thursday, July 10, 2008

The best Oncology Team!

Today I had my Zometa treatment again. So far so good, however I will not know till later if I have any negative side effects from it like last time. I am taking Advil/Tylenol every 4 hours just in case.

Matt was able to go with me to keep me company. He was able to meet my doctor and the nurses. They are such a great group of people with a sense of humor that I love and they truly care about and listen to their patients. Here are some pics of " my awesome team".


Anonymous said...

Hello Elayne,
So proud of you Elayne. As always...Hangest thou in there! We love you and continue to check your blog each day. Always in our prayers.
Love, Diane and all

Elayne said...

Read the new blog. Am so glad this round was a little easier than the last. And praise God for the wonderful support team you have around you! You, your family, and medical staff remain in my prayers.

Picked up some vanilla yogurt, natural granola, and fresh blueberries this morning. It was YUMMY! And a great source of energy for all the painting going on at my house. Thanks for the tip!


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