Monday, September 19, 2011

Oncologist, Radiologist & labs...

Well, today I got both my doctors at the same time for my 2 week check up. It can be a bit intimidating with 3 guys ( hubby there too) in the room and we are all there to look at my chest. But... the good news is "it appears the rash is gone and the cancer cells are dead"! So, the chest looks good, albeit the burn is still pretty bad.

My radiologist seemed pleased. I told him the fatigue threw me for a loop this time and I have had a cough for a week ( concerned about my lungs). He said it will be about 8-10 more weeks to recover. However, "because I am young (LOL, I am about to be a grandma:) and active I should recover sooner".

The visit with my oncologist went like it usually does. I don't fit any mold and he is never quite sure what to do with me. Don't misunderstand that statement. We love Dr. A. and know he is doing everything he feels is best to keep me well and have a good quality of life. He told Chris and I "you two are living life and I want you to continue doing that"!

He is keeping me on my usual meds (Faslodex and Tykerb) for now. We have stopped the Lupron. I will be having a CT scan in 2 weeks and a PET scan in December to make sure there has been no further spread. Last set of scans were done in June and they were all clear.

First set of lab results today were all normal. Waiting on the tumor marker results.
So, all and all, things look good as of today. Some more labs and tests to check me out and hopefully I will be ok once again.

I still have a road to recovery in front of me, but each day is a bit better. Walked 3 miles last night with a half mile run at the end :)

Thank you everyone for everything..especially your prayers!


Elayne said...

From my Face Book family & friends earlier today :)

Anne Eruzione Good luck Elayne!!!!

Michelle Rosenstein Lubin Best of luck, we'll be thinking about you!

Donna Smith King Praying for a good report!

Noelle Minich Clark Praying

Beth Gelerman hoping best ever results will result!

Nancy Despres Best of wishes.

Robin Myers Me too - think about you every day - hope all is well....

Richard Minich Me too!

Retired Knitter said...

Greatest news. Things are looking up.

Vicky said...

Wow, really a lot to be thankful for in just that one visit! Its funny how we sort of live in between our scans and doctor visits never quite knowing if the next one will be the one that throws us for a loop all over again :) Hope you continue to recover well and regain your strength daily!

Elayne said...

From my Face Book family & friends

Kimberly Phillips Barillas ‎...and you're still singing! :0)....\o/

Noelle Minich Clark So happy, Elayne. Such good news.....

Susan Wright-Worley Amen!!!!

Heidi Asiaf Great News

Stephanie Bromley ‎:D Smiling face!

Robin Myers Fantastic - thanks for the great news!

Larry Andrade said...

Great to hear your latest news is good. I firmly believe you are proof that attitude and approach to each day is the key to this. God Bless and stay strong. Larry Andrade

Maryann said...

Great to hear that you are doing well, doesn't look like it will be long before your a grandma (by the looks of your following post) :))


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