Friday, September 23, 2011

Feeling The Burn....

No, not the kind of burn you feel from a great workout. This burn is from the radiation treatments. Each day my skin is turning more red/pink, cracked and worn. It is becoming very difficult to have any clothes touching my skin or lay on my side. If I hold some thing hot, like a cup of coffee near it I can feel the burn. No baths at all, shower is with cool water.

I have been doing some walking/running, but without a doubt the friction from the clothing and sweat make it much worse. :(

I had been using pure Aloe Vera but now have switched to a medication they gave me last year called Regenecare, HA

It is crazy how the radiation continues to work in your body well after treatments are finished. This is apparent as I see my skin getting worse each day. Hopefully soon, this will turn the other direction.
                    "breast cancer isn't always a pretty pink ribbon"


Vicky said...

Oh Elayne, I'm so sorry to hear... I've been spared that particular misery thus far, but know its being held in the arsenal for the future. Wish I knew of something to help but hope the new stuff you have will begin to work!

Retired Knitter said...

Gosh, radiation is a tricky thing. Helps but doesn't. Soon I hope this changes.

Racn4acure said...

It sounds awful. I remember my sister suffering such misery from this. I was glad to have missed out on radiation when I had cancer. Keep your courage and strength going. Art


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