Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Shower for Liam

We all celebrated the anxious arrival of our first grandson, Liam. My daughter-in-law had a beautiful baby shower last week. We are getting close and can not wait to meet him!

Nikki at 32 weeks!

The Liam Express

Liam with his Mommy, Grandma's and Great-Grandmothers!

Opening presents :)


Doreen said...

Congratulations on your upcoming blessing!! I will say a prayer for a safe and healthy Mom and Baby. What a nice shower; and a lot of grandmothers...lucky baby:)

Kim said...

How exciting! I am so excited for you as you anticipate your new family member! (PS...I love being a grandma, only he is 13 hours away...bummer-but we make it work!)

Latha vijayakumar said...

very nice. so lovely


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