Sunday, August 21, 2011

13 YEAR Cancerversary!

Well, I just realized today is Aug. 21. That means I am "officially" a 13 year (4x) cancer survivor!
Although every year is a milestone, I do wish I were not in treatment for this years "cancerversary". Week two of chemo and radiation are finished with an expected three more weeks to go.
Overall, physically I am doing ok. My skin, from the radiation is getting more and more burned with each day. As I have in the past I apply pure Aloe Vera several times a day including right after treatment. This seems to help a lot. I am sure I will have to move up to something stronger in the coming weeks. I have been able to drive out and back (45 min.) myself or my son Matt goes with  me. Still ok here :)
The chemo (Xeloda) was a bit tougher week 2 as well.  Some increasing side effects include; trouble with my stomach, lack of appetite, taste buds more sensitive, fatigue in the late afternoon/evenings, and joints hurting more now. Chris and I are planning to cook and freeze some dinners as I am too tired at that time of day to begin cooking. (* some of you have asked about helping with this, please e-mail or call me if you would like to bring a dinner we can freeze over the next 3-5 weeks).
Emotionally, having to slow down with my classes, deal with the new side effects and confront the fight again has been hard. Probably time to see Dr. Kevin again :)
With all that said, here are the positives. Chris and I are getting up and running 3 miles in the mornings, 3x per week.  I was able to finish out my summer teaching my "Little Swimmers".  GroupFit and personal training continue on. I have missed the past 2 writers groups, but hope to go back in September and get more focused with some ideas I have.
Today we will be spending  time with all our kids. Can't think of anywhere better to be on this "cancerversary"....well, maybe Kauai :)
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.



Retired Knitter said...

Any one you walk away from COUNTS!!


Ronni Gordon said...

Hi Elayne,

Happy cancerversary! Sorry that you have to go through treatment and often don't feel well, but is sure sounds like you are making the best of it. Glad that you are getting some running in.

Kim said...

I wish we lived closer so I could provide a meal...there is something I would like to do though, so could you please email me your address. My email is kimkvpathotmaildotcom.
You are an inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

Elayne, think so much about you. You don't even need to think about asking for those prayers..they come free. What a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman both inside and out. I'm sure that it is one of your hubbies favorites. Love you dear friend. Diane

Vicky said...

Wow, you don't know how much that just inspired me! 13 years!! I just hit "next blog" on my blog and landed right here and am so happy I did. I am just 5 months into a stage IV bc diagnosis. Thanks for the big dose of optimism and healthy living I aspire to achieve :)


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