Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I could have done without seeing that!

Today was my monthly Faslodex shot. This time when I went to the infusion room there was no-one at all there. Just me, nurse M ( who I think may like giving me my shots :) and this! Course mine was the big one. She opened the package, got the needle ready and then I noticed it, looking bigger than ever, or maybe I just never looked before. I laughed and said " oh, I really didn't need to see that"! The usual "stick" and I was on my way after getting to talk with M about gardening.Headaches and BP are ok once again. Told M about 'going vegetarian" and she said we will check with the next round of blood-work to make sure everything looks ok.

No stop at Starbucks today for my usual peppermint latte'. Had to hit Wal Mart instead :(

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