Sunday, September 26, 2010

Training for a 10k!

Chris and I are loving the change to the Fall season here. Until today it has been a very long, hot summer. Tonight we went for a 4.5 mile run in a cool 66 degrees and it was my best run in a long time!
I do not tend to do well in the heat and feel many of the medications affect me more so when it is hot. I did have a faslodex injection on Friday but have felt fine this time. I have no doubt that running/exercising reduces or takes away the side effects from on-going medications and treatments.I have experienced this time and time again.

We were starting to get a little lax with our running and decided it was time to sign up for a race to "kick us into gear". We will run a local 10k race in October that raises money to help families during the Christmas season. This will be our first "official" 10k.
Thanking God for the ability to run, a husband to run with and cooler weather!

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