Thursday, September 2, 2010

A rough time with the Lupron....

Yesterday was my Lupron injection which is given every 4 months as part of my treatment. Generally I have side effects from both the Lupron and the Faslodex shots, but this one seemed a bit worse. Why, I don't know.
As I was driving home from the doctors office I started having sharp, stabbing pain in my upper abdominal and back area. It came 3 times in a row and then stopped. It was pretty painful and kind of scary as I was alone and driving. I started to feel a little dizzy so I made sure I knew what cross streets I was at in case I needed to call someone.
Thankfully, it stopped and I continued on home. Since then I have, until now, been in bed just feeling very weak, tired, nauseated and achy. All common side effects from the Lupron. This one just seemed a bit rougher than the previous ones. Hopefully I am on the upswing now and hoping for a better day tomorrow:)

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