Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Poll Results & 2 years later with this blog!

The poll is closed and so many of you voted, thank you for doing that as it really helps me to know what to write about. It has been 2 year since I began this blog and was quite hesitant to start it. However, it has not only been very therapeutic for me, it has been a great tool to communicate, connect and inform all of you with all that is going on here on this side of things. Your responses, support and prayers have played a huge role over these past 2 years and I am thankful for that and for this blog.

The Results;
1) More updates on my current health
2) A survivors mind, what we are thinking and how it is different from before cancer
3)Day to day life
4) The spiritual side of things
5) Coping tips for survivors, friends and family
6) Training for a marathon

1 comment:

Racn4acure said...

You got great responses to your poll, Elayne. I just couldn't get a ton of interest and was a bit disappointed with my poll results, but I did get some feedback anyway. Art


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