Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting Back~ Giving Back (don't forget to vote on the poll)

A very large part of my recovery has been my running and becoming certified as a Personal Trainer. Through all of this I have come to realize how much I love endurance sports and sharing them with others. Not only has this changed my own life, but the absolute joy I feel when I see it change others lives as well as their families.

I am convinced that God has not only blessed me with health and strength but the desire and abilities to share this with others. It is my joy and privilege.

Right now I am having a blast teaching a morning women's group called "Run Wild"( basically a running/boot camp :) and have a new co-ed "5k Learn to Run" group beginning Tuesday,Sept. 8th through the Parks and Rec. Dept. Here is the link if you are interested in a Learn to Run program!



Racn4acure said...

You are getting good response to your poll, Elayne. The things that you are involved in sound not only fun, but very beneficial to others. We do go through things like illness for a reason, don't you think sometimes? Afr

Elayne said...

Hi Art!
I am glad to see the response to the poll, it has been very helpful. Probably a good response cause I keep reminding everyone to vote :)

Yes, I think God teaches and uses us in and through illness just like anything else. As hard as it is to sometimes understand there really comes so much good from some of our darkest moments in life.

You, TNT and all the wonderful people I have met and come to know through all of this have been such a positive in my life.


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