Thursday, September 17, 2009

another health update

Hi all~ I am feeling much better this week and based on the poll, health updates ranked #1 so that is where I will start.
The Cardiology side of things; I have been weaning off the beta blocker since my echo test was good, my blood pressure is back to normal and the heart palpitations have just about gone away. I am on my 3rd day with no heart meds and feel ok so far. The problem is I have been very unhappy with the care from my cardiologist's office and am doing this on my own. IF, I have any trouble I will find another doctor. Between stopping a medication that I believe was making the palpitations and BP worse I have also switched my coffee to 1/2 Calf and that has really made a difference. Overall I am very happy that all this seems to be back under control. I will be closely watching it.

The oncology side of things; I will have a battery of tests coming up in October and then my visit with my oncologist. It has been 6 months and I am a bit nervous, but these tests are always nerve racking. I am currently not on any medication for cancer except the Lupron injections that keep me in a medical menopause. I am sure we will discuss if he wants me to try something else as the Tamoxifen and Faslodex did not work for me. There are some other medications for hormone therapy to try.

The Biopsy, as you all know came back clear, however my gynecologist wants a DNC done on October 15th to make sure nothing was missed from the biopsy results. This will be done on a Thursday and they say I will need the weekend to recover. I asked what the definition of recover is?? Like, will I be able to run 18 miles the next weekend kind of recover?? We'll see..

October will be a bit rough and I am praying for all the tests to come back clear and that my training will not be interrupted too much. Thanks for caring and praying!


Racn4acure said...

This too shall all pass. Take care of yourself. Thanks for being willing to be my remote swim coach.

Elayne said...

Thanks Art~ let me know if you have any questions, I'll do my best to help!
Chris and I are getting all our "stuff" ready tonight,( it's like packing for a trip) we have our first 16 miler in the morning!!
You may have to be my remote run coach :)


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