Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday is over :)

Well, Chris has finished his PE exam and I have made it through another set of tests.
Chris is very relieved to have it done, but he will not know the results for a couple of months. He is now taking a few days off for some R & R.

The MRI of my back ended up being 3 MRI's and took 3 hours. So... what does one do in a tube with the sounds of jackhammers, bings, bangs etc. so loud you have to wear earplugs for 3 whole hours?? For me mostly this is a time of prayer, practicing relaxation that I have learned from doing yoga, including relaxing the muscles in your body as they are tense in this situation. I am even able to fall asleep :) And of course, when anxiety and/or boredom sets in "happy thoughts " :)

This is a coping tool I have learned to use when I get anxious, upset, worried, etc. I think of places, people, events, etc. that have happy memories for me. Basically, taking your mind somewhere else. This strategy has been very helpful, especially at the beginning of this diagnosis. Chris is great in bringing up "happy thoughts" when needed :) Mostly they are of peaceful places and the outdoors especially where we have gone camping

Thank you for the prayer support, so far I have the results for one of the 3 tests ( lumbar spine) and there is no sign of metastatic disease! It was fine :) Please keep this and Chris's test results in prayer as we wait for the rest of the results. Should know on Monday for me.
Thanks~ have a great weekend!

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