Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Waiting on scan results

Monday was my follow up CT scan. No official results yet, but I think they are ok. Waiting to talk with my doctor and get a copy of the results.
                                          One week old today!!!
After a long morning at the hospital ...this is exactly what I needed. Napping with my grandbaby boy :)
Nonna & Liam


Retired Knitter said...

Oh, yes. I could feel that in my soul. That was exactly what I would want after going through what you have been through. And what a wonderful picture. Great for you and beyond counting for that little guy.

Racn4acure said...

Sending good vibes and prayers. And by the way, congratulation, Grandma! I love being a grandpa, just don't get to see my all too rapidly gorwing granddaughter enough. Art

Elayne said...

Thanks all! We are loving every minute with him and watching our children becoming great parents!


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