Saturday, October 22, 2011

CT scan results

Thank you for the encouraging comments left on my last post. "I am a fan of hope". I truly appreciate them.
This past week I received a preliminary email from my Oncology nurse stating that my scans looked fine, followed by a confirmation from my doctor.

I have not spoken to anyone or received a copy of the CT scan yet, so I don't have any details.

One of my concerns, other than everything being ok, is if there has been any damage or scarring to my lungs from the radiation. Still waiting to hear, but no noticeable problems.

As for how things are going now, I am feeling much better! My energy levels are getting back to pre-treatment levels. However, when I overdue it I pay for it :) I am not back to a regular running routine yet, but doing between 2-4 miles at least twice a week. I have such a long way to go!

These past 2 weeks I have been spending time getting to know and love on my grandson,Liam.


Maryann said...

Glad yur scans came back good, hope you are enjoying that new little one. Isn't being a grandma great!

Kim said...

Yah for good scans!! I know it is hard to take the time to heal...having a grandbaby to snuggle with sure helps though, doesn't it? My grandson was born in the midst of my chemo treatment. At first I was a little discouraged as I didn't have the energy to do all the "help" things with having a new daughter quickly assured me that I actually had the best role--"snuggling and loving" on my little guy. Enjoy!

Racn4acure said...

I've been thinking of you often, and wondering how you were. I am much encouraged by your news. Keep enjoying live, and your grandson. Art


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