Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Test on Wednesday

Tomorrow I will have another echocardiogram to check out my heart. This should be a routine test and hopefully all is still well in this area. Last time all the tests on my heart were normal so I am hoping for the same this time.
I believe my doctor will have me come back for another stress test too. It is always funny when they ask me if I am able to walk on the treadmill:) Last time I had the test done the doctor put the TV on and said "this is going to take a while to get your heart rate up".
I am sooo thankful that I am able! Please pray that these tests remain fine and for wisdom about getting off the beta blocker. Last time I was there the doctor said she does not know why I need to be on them, however I start to have trouble when I try to get off them.
I really want to stop taking them especially while I am training for this marathon but not sure what the right thing to do is at this point ??
More later on the test results...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your tests will come back fine. :) I'll say a little prayer for you...and pick up your AdvoCare! lol Love you Mom,


Racn4acure said...

Prayers coming your way. I hope that the test went well and that you are staying on track for the big marathon the end of the year. Enjoy the day! Art


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