Monday, May 4, 2009

New medication this week~

Hi everyone~ this week I will be starting on a new medication ( Faslodex) that is part of the continuing hormone therapy. Most of you know I don't typically handle meds very well, so I would like to ask for prayer regarding this new drug that will be administered once a month by injection into the muscle. I expect running to be a little difficult for a couple of days.
Also, I did get my blood work back and my tumor markers are slightly elevated. My doctor, at this point said he is not concerned because of all my scans coming back clean and this test is just a tool and not definitive. I would sure like to see them back in normal range. They will probably check them again in about a month, so please also be in prayer about that :)
Otherwise, all the rest of my blood work was normal, including my iron levels and I am feeling good!
Chris and I are getting very close to committing to the White Rock Marathon, so we began adding a little distance last night with a 6 mile run to the lake and back. It was cool outside and just a beautiful run complete with cows, bulls, horses and goats all along the way!
Hope you all have a great week!

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Kevin and Nikki said...

You will absolutely be in my prayers--you always are!
Man, you and dad are making me feel like a slacker! I need to get off the computer and go run a couple miles, too! ;)
Love you!!
~Nik :)


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