Monday, May 18, 2009

7 with Kevin!

Last night we added another mile to our long run making it 7 miles now. Kevin ran with us last night and of course did fine for someone that has not been running. Remember, he is the one that showed up for the half marathon with one day of training under his belt and beat us all! :)

It was a great run with Chris and Kevin and it feels great to be training again! We got to talk all about Kev's upcoming wedding and enjoy the weather and run to the lake. This is about the half way point~ beautiful run!

On the medical side of things; I am feeling good overall, however I have had some side effects from the new drug ( Faslodex) that I am on and hope they will either ease up or go away altogether :) 
Have a great week!
Only 19.2 miles to go :) Yikes!


Racn4acure said...

Go Kevin. Go Elayne! I know you will do this. I am proud of you. Art

What's Going On... said...

"Yikes" is the truth! Ya'll are AWESOME! The stop at the lake looked great!


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