Monday, March 23, 2009

Upcoming tests and treatment~

Hi everyone~ It's just about that time again for my tests and Zometa treatment.
This Wednesday will be the next Zometa treatment.
End of April will be another bone scan, CAT scan and chest x ray, followed by, the next day with a checkup with my oncologist, lab work and another round of Zometa.

Today I did an at home swab test to help the doctors see how my body is metabolizing one of my medications- Tamoxifen. It will be interesting to see how that comes back. Hopefully I will not have to change anything with my meds as it has taken sooo long to adjust to them.

I will let you know as the April tests get closer, but prayer is appreciated at anytime :)

Overall, I am continuing to feel good, but learning that I need to be careful how much I take on. Running and cross training are going fine as well as my Personal Training. My blood pressure seems ok, have not had to take the BP meds for a while, still on the beta blocker though.

We are all getting very excited about Kevin & Nikki's upcoming wedding, Spring and Summer to get out to the lake, camping & getting my garden planted!
Thanks to all of you that have continued to stay in touch and follow the blog. Check back if you would like to read "My Top 10" regarding stress and anxiety. See previous post.


Racn4acure said...

Prayers coming your way. Keep enjoying life. Keep living each day!

Anonymous said...

Keep up your spirits. I imagine they may decrease as you need your zometa or other tests. Focus on the positive, which you are well aware of. Glad the BP is staying okay.
About it for now. See you all really soon. I will follow your blogs.

Love, Dena


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