Saturday, March 17, 2012

So, How's it going?

The answer is great in some areas and ok in others. Just a few updates from my Month of March Hiatus.

The decompression therapy seems to be going well. I do feel relief in my neck/spine. Last week the chiropractor added more weight (30lbs) from the original 25. Unfortunately,  I did have a headache for the next 3 days, continually. When I went back on Thursday I told him and asked if the weight increase may have caused them to return. He said possibly, lowered the weight and Thursday was better.

However, Friday after working out another HA began and it was a bad one. Lasting until I woke up this morning with pain meds only taking the edge off. It was looking good at first but the HA's seem to be increasing again. None today!

Next steps; probably need to call my neurologist, which I had been holding off on and let him know....there back! I do have a new primary care doc. visit in May. I will try to see if they can get me in sooner. If not, I have been given 3 more PC docs to try by my Onc. nurse. One of them offers acupuncture in his office and I have heard many positive results for HA's using this treatment.

The workouts have been amazing and my energy levels are climbing! My concentration has been on swimming, yoga and cycle class. Loving all 3 so far. With all the surgery and radiation to my upper body, I feel the swimming has absolutely been the best way to build back up strength in this area. I do feel a "heaviness" and weakness in my right arm when I swim but it is manageable.

 Not to mention a few added benefits to joining the health club that are helping with stress and just kind of nice!They have  indoor hot tubs, eucalyptus saunas and a spa that offers everything. My friend came to visit from out of town and we enjoyed all three including a facial, which I have never had :) I use the  eucalyptus  steam sauna after each swim. There also appear to be several health benefits to this as well.

I have seen my little grand-baby boy during the past few weeks, just have not had him all day. He is now 5 and a half months old and just makes me happier than I could have ever imagined. With that, I will leave you with some pics of one little guy who makes me smile with his beautiful big blue eyes and smile.


Kevin and Nikki said...

I know Liam misses his Nonna! I am glad to hear some things are getting better. We love you so much!

Racn4acure said...

I hope those headaches improve. Sounds like everything else is pretty positive, especially that cute little fellow! Art

Maryann said...

Beautiful blue eyes, I know he gives you much joy. Hope things continue to improve

Xilly said...

I experience DTS before. Chiro advised to do 24 times at first but I have to continue another 24 times (1 package) to clear my back pain (slipped disc).

The progress might be very slow but it is work. Besides DTS, muscle strengthening exercise is importance. With all the exercises you are doing, for sure you can be much healthier. Swimming is the best exercise! :)

Konstanz Silverbow said...

I’m just dropping by to say hello! I look forward to seeing the alphabet all over your blog in April!

For the challenge we ask that you please remove Word verification. Blogger is good about catching spam and we would like to make commenting as easy as possible for all participants.

Konstanz Silverbow
A to Z Co-host


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