Monday, February 6, 2012

N E D....

                                               No Evidence Of Disease!
My PET & Bone scans came back showing no metastatic disease!

I had an MRI of the Cervical and Thoracic spine. Both came back showing no  disease, however one of the reports states " spinal stenosis and central disk protrusion @ C4-C5 and left paracentral disk protrusion @ C5-C6 and C6-C7".

At this time I need to speak with my Onc. about what is next. I am considering a few things for the pain in my neck and headaches.
Acupuncture and physical therapy are most likely where I will begin. My Onc. said I can go to a chiropractor and massage therapy, however they will want to see the MRI results before working on me. I am not allowed to have any "cracking" of my neck. T1-3 area was radiated a few years ago from the cancer spreading to this area.

My tumor markers are elevated, although nothing is appearing on the tests. This will be something we will keep an eye on. My nurse mentioned coming back in 3 months for labs to see where the numbers are at.

So, overall, very good test results! We are trying to figure out what the best "complimentary" treatments will now be to help with the pain. If you all have any suggestions for the neck and headaches, I would be happy to hear them. Thanks!


Maryann said...

Sounds like good news Elayne. I have problems with chronic pain myself (disc protrusion and stenosis L4 and L5) physical therapy has been beneficial. Has taught me methods on how to try to relieve the pain and excersises to help strengthen. Everyone is different (I never had radiation)Hope you will be able to find something that will work for you

Mike and Christie said...

There are chiropractors that do a more gentle manipulation with no cracking. I would try to find somebody like this. Our Chiro helped me with my back by gently rotating the lower back and pressing on "things" and moving them back into place. It was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

From FaceBook-

Shannon Tilton So I can happily assume all turned out great!?!?!?

Michelle Rosenstein Lubin Sounds like a good report?? :D

Robin Myers oh good - that means it turned out good????? Ya HOOO

Anne Eruzione That sounds like good news Elayne, Yeah!!!!

Ken Marks You know me . I always like celebrating. It's what I do best .

Susan Murphy Perrotti ‎:) :) :) hope love Faith

Donna Smith King Yea!

Teresa Ernst Stienstraw Whoo hoo!!! That's awesome news Elayne!!! for He has done great things!!! :-)

Richard Minich That is fantastic!

Cindy L Minich Praise the Lord!

Racn4acure said...

NED's a great guy, isn't he? My wife has had amazing success with chiropractic care, after they saw her MRI's. She could barely walk and was weeks away from really serious surgery 10 months ago, now she is fine. Check it out.

I am thrilled by your news about NED! Art

Retired Knitter said...

Wonderful news over all!

Kim said...

Mr. NED makes the best dance glad he is yours! I will keep praying for pain relief for you, that your tumor markers drop and wisdom for your journey! Blessings to you!! and a great big YIPEEE!!!


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