Monday, June 1, 2009

5 days to the 5k!

This Saturday we will run the Komen Race For the Cure 5k. The ladies in my running group are ready!! and Chris and I have been working on our time to have a new PR ( personal record) for this race!
We have all received our packets with our t-shirts and bib #'s. I also received my pink hat that I will have 11 pink ribbons put on this year, one for each year as a survivor :)
I am so excited to see each of these women cross the finish line and reach their own PR! As of now, Saturday looks like a nice day weather wise, high of 84 and no rain.

Chris and I are continuing to build our mileage as we train for the White Rock Marathon. Last night we ran 8 miles down to the lake and back~ another beautiful run. As we reached the lake the sun was going down so we were able to watch the sunset as we ran. It's hard to believe we are only 5 miles from a 1/2 marathon( the furthest we have ever run) but still at the beginning of training~ yikes :)

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What's Going On... said...

Whoo hooo! I'm looking forward to it!!


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